I am Amelie.
Prague is the city where I was born in November 2007. I was lucky to be born in a city full of history, cultural events, loved by many producers for its unique atmosphere.

Since I am a student of a British high school in Prague I can easily perform using different accents and dialects.

I have experience with latin dance and pop singing. I love playing the piano and as a student of the ISMFA International School of Music and Fine Arts I take each opportunity to perform. I believe in the power of arts. “Art is therapy and artists are healers.”

Drama and Theatre have always been my passion. I have completed many levels of LAMDA acting exams.

I am ready to take on acting in English, Czech, and also in Spanish and German.
Live. Act.
Share joy and enjoy.
Acting is an escape from the real world which is beneficial at times. Acting is exploring different ways of portraying characters.

For me acting is much more than reciting lines with emotions. It is about exploring the background of your character and really getting to know them while applying your own experiences from life.

I love acting, being able to share truthful emotions with the audience, sing, dance.
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